Bull Fireplace Cover

Freestanding brass and cast bronze insert for a fireplace.

Patinated brass back plate measuring 30 x 34 1/2 x 3/16" 

Price Guide: $5450

The original carving for the central bull plaque was made by Leah Foushee-Waller and I assisted her husband, Mike Waller, with the casting. I am very grateful for their continued support and friendship.

Mike and Leah are the original creators of the over-life size signature sculpture of Durham, NC: Major the Bull located in the center of Downtown.


GLAM mirror

Mirror, copper, brass, whiskey barrel, oxidized oak, steel and cast iron.

This free-standing mixed media mirror measures 79.5 x 35". 

The base measures 22" in diameter and is part of an old agricultural implement used in hay harvesting.

Other sizes are available on request.

Price Guide: $2,350

ArcOne Lamp

Aluminum and steel.  

86” (tallest point), arc stretches 50” wide, bottom of shade at 70”, base diameter 28” (wheels pointing out).

Inspired by the Arco Floor lamp designed in the 60s by the Castiglioni brothers. “ArcOne” uses a salvaged aluminum shade from the 50s inscribed “LepeL High Frequency Laboratories Inc, New York” that seems to have come from a medical device.

Price Guide: $975

Twist Lamp

Steel. 72” tall, 16” diameter.

The shade rotates and adjusts to any unevenness of the floor. The base is a break drum of a truck.

Price Guide: $335

Victorian Lamp

Copper and Steel. 75”tall, 13.5” wide (shade), diameter of base 15”.

A vintage copper and steel downspout forms the shade of this lamp. The base is formed from five cast railroad anchors.

Price Guide: $275


Steel, wood, copper. 11ft long, 43.5” high, 21” deep with an overhang for customers of 5”.

Designed and fabricated in collaboration with Michael X. Lupa

Two giant sheets of rusted sheet steel that were about to be discarded served as the inspiration to this gently curved bar. The support structure is built with boiler pipes salvaged from the Golden Belt “Beltline Station”.

 It can be viewed at Liberty Arts Sculpture Studio at 923 Franklin Street in Downtown Durham, NC.

Price Guide: $ 4325

Suspense Table

Steel and glass. Diameter 30”, height 19.25”

Three vintage boiler pipe hangers form the base of this table. The glass top is suspended in the original hangers and can be removed for transport.

Price Guide: $475

Rim-Spacer Mirror Table

Steel and mirror. 19.5”diameter, 28.5”tall

A vintage rim-spacer frames a mirror for a table top. An augur supports the table and a Massey Fergusson tractor wheel is the base of this side or entrance table.

Price Guide: $350

Rob's Table

Forged steel, brass and marble. Diameter 17”, height 19”

A commission piece. The customer had purchased the unusual marble top at the Taj Mahal and wanted a sturdy base that would work well with, but not overpower the intricate top.

Price Guide: $345 (without top)

Boiler Plate Table

Salvaged steel. 17” height , 16.5 width, 19” length. 0.75” thick top.

Boiler plates were bolted to the floor in the old tobacco warehouses forming a path along which the heavy tobacco carts could be wheeled without damaging the wooden floors. These boiler plates come in rectangular and square sizes and, as there aren’t many left, are very difficult to get hold of. The legs are recycled boiler pipes from an old house in Old North Durham.

The close up shows the bolt hole and the antique and much used surface of the boiler plate.

Price Guide: $675