“Reflection on Time”

Copper, brass and forged steel

28.5” x 50"

Price Guide: $1,125

(Purchased by Duke Clinical Research Institute for the Morris Building in Downtown Durham)

Reflection Pieces

My reflection pieces capture my thought process about aging.
Many people struggle with the effect of advancing years on their appearance. When it comes to copper and brass I am much more attracted to older metal with patina which has more character. I am still working through the process of applying this generosity and kindness to my my own aging process.
In the meantime I create these wall hangings from copper, brass and sometimes tin. The metals are a mix of old and new while the patina is sometimes a natural occurrence but often man made.

This photo is just one example of the outcome of this process. I can make these to any size and in a great variety of colors. I am often commissioned to create a piece to fit a particular space.

I make everything in this piece: cutting the squares, hole punching them, applying patinas and twisting them together with stainless steel. The forged rod sits in brackets that I forge.
These are often commission pieces created to fit a certain space.

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