Kontek Bench

IMG_1226 (1).jpeg

Concrete and steel.

This bench was commissioned by Kontek for Durham Central Park. The circular shape was important to the client as it facilitates engagement between all parties sitting on the three benches.

The keys embedded in one of the benches used to open artist studio doors in the old Liberty Warehouse. The pattern in one of the bench legs references the Kontek logo.

This bench is regularly used by patrons of the Farmer’s Market in Durham Central Park, NC.

Price Guide: $4900

Zen Bench


Painted steel and teak.

48”W x 19”H x 15”D

Price Guide: $525

(Purchased for a beautiful garden in Old North Durham)

Hand Rail 1


Steel and cast iron

In collaboration with Joe Galas.


This two part handrail, on view in Durham Central Park in Durham, NC uses salvaged wheels of boilers in a decorative pattern.

Price Guide: $1200

Hand Rail 2



In collaboration with Joe Galas.

Using the sculpture in the background as inspiration we used forged rings in a variety of sizes to decorate this handrail. This is a two-part handrail and can be viewed in Durham Central Park, Durham, NC.

Price Guide: $900



Steel and cast iron. 10ft high, 6ft wide

In collaboration with Joe Galas this arch was constructed using salvaged boiler pipes from the Belt Line Station in Durham, NC. The decorative arch displays agricultural implements and the finials are chimney tops.

This piece can be viewed in Durham Central Park in Durham, NC.

Price Guide: $800

O'Reilly Rail


Steel and cast iron. 

In collaboration with Joe Galas.


This commission piece combines the industrial vibe of the former tobacco City of Durham with the Victorian aesthetic of this house in Trinity Park.

Price Guide: $1800