Wall Art

Deeper Than You Think

Hot and cold patinas on flat and convex brass in steel frame

24.5 x 36.5”

Price Guide $770

Green River

Copper and salvaged brass in a steel frame

24 x 30”

Price Guide: $750


Raised brass plate with hot patinas

24 x 25.5”

This is very unusual in its subtle tones.

Price Guide: Not for Sale


Brass on steel frames

38.5 x 35"

An explosion of hot and cold patinas on a three part wall painting

Price Guide: $1975

(purchased by Duke University Research Center in 2018)

Shapes Under Water

Copper on steel frame

13 x 24"

The background copper is treated with hot and cold patinas and the shaped copper circles are formed under heat.

Price Guide: $420

Cymbal Stories I, II and III

Copper on steel frame, 16 x 20” each

Hot patina is applied to the background copper sheet and four concave copper discs, treated with heat and textured in different ways are riveted to each painting

Price Guide: $495 each or $1,350 for three.


Raised brass sheet with cold patinas

24 x 24.5”

Price Guide: $525


Copper, brass and steel, 34.75 x 21”

The lower part of this picture is salvaged roofing copper. The brass plate behind is treated with hot and cold patinas and mechanically etched

Price Guide: $1570

(Purchased for a historic home in Creedmor, NC)

Heading Back to France

Brass, copper, steel frame, 34 x 46.5”

Salvaged roofing copper and brass with natural and artist applied patinas.

Price Guide: $1350

(Purchased for beautiful home in Trinity Park, Durham)



From Above

Tin and patina in steel frame, 38 x 38"

Rusty patina that had naturally developed over years is gently enhanced with patinas and clear coated to halt the process

Price Guide: $600

Wave and Moon

Brass on wood, 12 x 23”

Price Guide: $375

Once Upon A Time

Brass on steel and steel framed, 24 x 12”

Price Guide: $450


Brass and copper on steel with steel frame.

16 x 12.5”

The copper and brass pieces are treated with patina and then added to a salvaged old steel plate at different depth levels.

Price Guide: $425

Tile I, II and 3

Copper and tin on steel frame

These are original tin ceiling tiles, gently cleaned to keep the natural patina and applied to copper distressed with cold patina. All are elevated from the background to create more depth.

17 x 17” each.

Price Guide $475 each and $1200 for all three